Welcome to Floras Rooms

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We welcome you to the group of «FLORAS ROOMS» at Pollonia of Milos. Our rooms, built next to the sea, will «carry» you at the time of insular traditional architecture. Beds made of stone, lofts and rooms, everything decorated in harmony with the sea and naval tradition, will initiate you to the Cyclades culture.
The group of FLORAS ROOMS is located in the seaside village POLLONIA OF MILOS and it hardly abstains 5 meters from the sea. Each room offers all the modern facilities for a pleasant and relaxing stay.
To the specially designed yard with a view to the sea, you can relax and let yourself enjoy the magic of blue. We will be glad to accommodate you to FLORAS ROOMS to make your vacation unforgettable.

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Pollonia is probably the most beautiful village of Milos. It is situated to the northeastern part of the island-just 10 km from Adamas , the main port of Milos.
It is a picturesque village, built near a natural marine bay. During the last years, it has been an attraction for many visitors.